JITting CSS?

This post by Eric Meyer blew my mind.  Let me get this straight: is he basically talking about using JavaScript to JIT CSS3 to CSS2 (or some widely supported subset thereof) and HTML5 to HTML4 so we don't have to wait for browser platforms to support them "natively"?


I think my brain just exploded. $deity bless John Resig and all the JavaScript pioneers that are carrying the Web forward.

The American Gothic of Book Covers?

They don't look too excited to be working with SharePoint.  Where's the pitchfork?

I'm So Glad Uncov is Back

VCs are still making their rounds in the Valley, but they're demanding at least two forms of protection. The pill just doesn't cut it anymore. What I mean is that writing a social network for the tree squirrels living in your yard in Django is now only half of the picture. An actual business model beyond "get a bunch of traffic and get bought out by Google" is important.

No glove, no love.

- Ted Dziuba