Automatically Generate Unit Tests from Unhandled Exceptions

This idea is so good, it makes me sick. (via Giles Bowkett)

Long Job Titles


I'm looking at you, Central Region Rich Internet Application Architect Evangelist. :)

Can We Use IronRuby Yet?

When C# 3 came out, there was some quiet discussion in ALT.NET circles that maybe the new language features (the "var" keyword, better type inference, lambdas) would be enough to satisfy us in regards to Language Oriented Programming and keep us from clamoring for Ruby.  The answer for me after three months of hands on C# 3 is that C# 3 is NOT an acceptable Ruby


So, anybody know any new news on IronRuby?

- Jeremy Miller

The comments on that post have turned into an awesome discussion on the future of programming languages, and C# and Ruby in particular, with many great links being bandied about.

I Could Never Work At Google

A comment I left on Steve Yegge's latest post:


Are there software engineer jobs at Google that aren't so academic in nature?

For example, do the people who work on Gmail have to memorize all of that "baseline" stuff you listed?

Is there room for smart software engineers at Google who like working at a higher level?

I'm genuinely curious to hear your answer. Google seems like a great company to work for, but I'd sooner be bashed in the face with a sledgehammer than have to commit all of that low-level nastiness to memory.

Steve Yegge is one of my heroes, and I've had a fantasy of working at Google for several years, but I fear that we operate in two completely different worlds.

List of Book Lists

If you're like me, and you're always looking for the next great book on software development to cram into your brain, then here are some great places to start.

I've put together a collection of book lists from some of my favorite bloggers.  Enjoy!


Joel Spolsky

Jeff Atwood

Steve Yegge

Reg Braithwaite

Jeremy Miller

This Blog Has Moved!

I recently passed the one year anniversary of my first blog post, and it's official that I'm serious about this "blogging thing."  So I decided it was time to get myself a real domain.

My blog is now located at (hopefully you'll be able to drop the "www" and it will still work, but that remains to be seen).

I don't think any changes will need to be made for subscribers.  Everything should Just Work.  Let me know if you notice any weirdness.


Be the Change You Want to See in the World

The basic idea is that if you want to make it better, go for it. Complaining is simply disregarded as noise. There are code contributions and there is noise. That's basically how it works.


That's how it's supposed to be. Open source works in the same way markets do: supply and demand. If the demand exists for a patch, it will come into being, guaranteed. That's why complaints are just noise. If they were worth paying attention to, they would be expressed as patches.


I'm saying the whole idea that Rails ought to be easier or different or whatever is only true if you make it true by (to use Gandhi's phrase) being the change you want to see in the world. If you think the world needs somebody to fix Rails, then be that somebody.

- Giles Bowkett