Great Article for People Not Sold on Ruby on Rails

I'm actually a bit blown away by how good this article is from A List Apart.

I'd be quite surprised if an open-minded developer from any background could read it from beginning to end and not be very intrigued by Ruby on Rails...and hopefully enough so to at least give Rails a test-drive.

So if you've somehow never heard of Ruby on Rails, or have heard of it but don't understand why it's so interesting to so many people, then please read this article.  It's very well written, and I promise it won't bore you.

Bolt of Lightning #1 of ∞

Tedium == Opportunity for Clever Automation

(Note: This is a revelation I had today, and I consider it a cousin of Blodgett's First Law.)

West Michigan Day of .NET 2008

I finally broke down and registered for the West Michigan Day of .NET on May 10.

WM Day of .Net May 10, 2008 - I'll be there!

As I've said, although I'm quite active on Twitter, I'm typically not especially social in real life.  But that's something I'm interested in changing, and this is too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Many of my Twitter friends that I've never met face-to-face will be there.  I thought about listing them here, but there are simply too many.  One of them even called me out by name on his blog. :-)

On top of that, there are some very good looking sessions on the schedule.  In particular, I'm excited to hear about MonoRail, Boo, DSLs, and testing features in Visual Studio Team System.

Bring on the awkwardness!

Wired | Tired | Expired

Wired GitHub
Tired Google Code
Expired SourceForge

Blodgett's Comprehensibility/Flexibility Hypothesis

Comprehensibility and flexibility are incompatible. You must sacrifice one to get the other.

See here for some background.  I hope I'm wrong!  Prove me wrong!

Am I More Interesting on Twitter?

Something just occurred to me:

I have more followers on Twitter (currently 108) than subscribers on my blog (currently 85).

Is that significant?  Am I more interesting on Twitter than I am on my blog?  Why is that?  Should I make the writing I do on my blog more like the writing I do on Twitter? mind is going in a million directions now...