Am I More Interesting on Twitter?

Something just occurred to me:

I have more followers on Twitter (currently 108) than subscribers on my blog (currently 85).

Is that significant?  Am I more interesting on Twitter than I am on my blog?  Why is that?  Should I make the writing I do on my blog more like the writing I do on Twitter? mind is going in a million directions now...


Anonymous said...

Don't stress about it. Two different tools for two different purposes, right?

when I have a good blog post, I'll announce it in twitter to help drive traffic to my blog.

Anonymous said...

As Michael said, it's two different audiences.

I've found that for myself, I have different personalities from my blog to twitter. My blog is much more formal, while twitter is much more off the cuff. Not sure what that means, but I'm in the same boat as you - more twitter followers than blog subscribers. Maybe that means I'm better off the cuff, or maybe it just means it's easier to follow people in twitter and keep up than subscribe to their blog.

Anonymous said...

It's easier to keep up with Tweets and blog posts. Both are worthwhile but they are different.

Joe Harrell said...

I subscribe to you and others in twitter because your tweets are generally interesting.

I rarely subscribe to blogs, and I haven't developed the habit of reading any particular blog regularly, I generally just hit a blog up it I see it recommended in a link or if it's tweeted with a link and the subject sounds interesting (hint).

I suppose I miss some good stuff in blogs this way, but usually when I do go for a particular article, I also spend the time going back in the blogs archives looking for anything else of interest so it works out.