State of the Blog Address

I just wanted to list some of the unexpected and wonderful things that have happened since I started this blog last month.

I don't anticipate that anyone reading this will be floored by these things, but they've personally affected and impressed me. I never really thought anyone would find this blog.

So here we go:

1. Within hours of my very first blog post, in which I discussed YubNub and a couple commands I submitted for it, the creator of YubNub himself left me a comment thanking me for my contributions.

2. After lamenting the dearth of shrinkwrap software companies in Grand Rapids and writing a blog post about it, the part owner of a really cool company in Grand Rapids, that was unknown to me at the time, left a comment to tell me about the shrinkwrap software his company was producing.

3. The day after I wrote a blog post about Aardvark'd and why I really enjoyed it, one of my favorite people (who is also featured in Aardvark'd), Aaron Swartz, left me a comment.

4. Within hours of writing a blog post about how I wanted to start contributing code to an open source project for the first time (possibly Firefox), Asa Dotzler wrote a post on his blog asking his readers to help me get started contributing code to Firefox.

5. Also in response to the blog post mentioned in #4 above, the co-founder and executive director of the Participatory Culture Foundation, makers of Democracy Player, emailed me and invited me to work on that project.

6. My blog currently occupies the first search result for "Matt Blodgett" on Yahoo, and the third result on Google.

Yay for blogging!