Living in the Future

Just thought I'd take a minute to point out the work Dave Winer has done to bring Flickr and Twitter together.

I've been following him on Twitter for a while and witnessed his early experimentation.

In a recent blog post, he described the experience of using this new service in a way that was so captivating that I just had to reproduce it here:

"So when I go out for a walk, and see a lovely tree with red flowers, I take a picture, route it to Flickr, my iPhone upstreams it, my agent notices it, posts a tweet, and then 80 or 100 of my followers (awful terminology, btw) click the link before I'm home. In real-time, their eyes and minds have taken the walk with me."

Dave goes on to describe the feeling one gets from being part of this experience as "Living in the Future."  And I have to admit that I felt something quite special, myself, when I first read the last sentence of the quoted passage above.

This is such a fantastic example of the wonderful connectedness being ushered in with the Web 2.0 movement.  I thank Dave for his work.