Important Blog Posts, Part 3

This is the third part of an ongoing series in which I list blog posts that have profoundly impacted my personal thinking.  The second part is here.


1. Reg Braithwaite: We have lost control of the apparatus

This is my favorite thing Reg Braithwaite (a.k.a. Raganwald) has ever written.  It's a wonderful parody that sends up a certain mind-set out there among corporate IT developers.

Your users are not a captive audience.  They're exposed to an amazing variety of applications out there on the Web, and they realize what sucks and what doesn't.


2. Frans Bouma: Stored procedures are bad, m'kay?

Frans Bouma, creator of LLBLGen Pro, puts the final nail in the coffin for stored procedures.  All the common myths you've heard about stored procedures being "faster" or "more secure" than dynamic SQL are thoroughly debunked here.

This is the ultimate post to point to when you hear someone arguing about this topic.


3. Joel Spolsky: Bionic Office

Joel describes the perfect work environment for a software developer and how he made it a reality for his company, Fog Creek.

Since reading this blog post years ago, I've compared every workspace I've seen to the Bionic Office.  We can all dream, can't we?