I Gotta Give This Seaside Thing a Try


Jeremiah said...

I've played with seaside a bit, and it's pretty fun to work with. The paradigm it uses feels more right for a lot of web apps than the offerings from other frameworks.

In fact, smalltalk in general feels more like what "Object Oriented" should be, perhaps because it's (largely) the work of Alan Kay. In environments like squeak, you actually feel like you're playing with objects, instead of just feeling like you're modeling them.

I've been meaning to give smalltalk, and seaside more attention, but haven't quite found the time yet. I'd definitely recommend checking them out, if only for the paradigm-shift.

Matt Blodgett said...

Great comment, Jeremiah. Thanks.

There's such great technology in the Smalltalk world that I'm just now discovering.