Software Consulting Companies in Grand Rapids, MI

Updated 4/23/2008

In order to illustrate the relative dearth of shrinkwrap software companies in Grand Rapids, I thought I'd post a list of companies doing custom software consulting in Grand Rapids. I've been cobbling this list together for several years using various sources. Some of the companies on this list are a stretch, as software consulting might be a very minor part of their business. I've tried to keep the "heavy hitters" near the top of the list and the "stretches" near the bottom.


Aaron L. Richards said...

Are you software company lists (consulting and packaged software) truly Grand Rapids, or more West Michigan?

Also I clicked on your profile picture link, the one that says "full size" and the image was less than an inch on my laptop. Shouldn't the image be 6' 7" tall?

Aaron L. Richards said...

Note: My company, Richards Media Net LLC has been consulting in the area in a growing capacity for a couple of years now. Would you mind adding me to your software consulting list? I don't mind being added at the bottom, I'll work my way up ;^).

Also I am working on Internet software offerings between projects. When I launch one, would that qualify as a "packaged software" offering such that I could be added to your "Packaged Software Companies in GR" list?

I found your two software company lists a number of months ago, and found them to be informative and interesting. Keep them up to date!


Matt Blodgett said...


The list is for West Michigan, not necessarily just Grand Rapids.

I'll add your company to this list.

I'll take a look at your software offerings when they become available and add them to the other list if appropriate.

Thanks for the compliments! :-)

zitstif said...

I greatly appreciate you having this list. It's a simple and great resource.