Brain Food 5-26-2007

In the tradition of some other bloggers out there, I'm going to simply post a few links to things that influenced my thinking in the last few days, and write a sentence or two for each one.

So, without further ado:

  • Is SQL Manual Memory Management? - I've been thinking about ORM a lot lately, and this post by Ruby on Rails aficionado Giles Bowkett makes a very tantalizing point/prediction about the future of ORM. This sentence sort of sums it up: "Maybe one day the idea that database management should be part of the language will seem as obvious and basic as the idea that programmers shouldn't have to do memory management by hand." I also found one of the comments left on the post to be very insightful: "Having SQL in a language will most likely turn into the same type of feature as having regular expressions in a language."
  • Hanselminutes Podcast 65 with Martin Fowler and David Heinemeier Hansson - This is a mindblowingly good interview that addresses many of the things that have been on my brain lately, and does so with two of the greatest minds in the dev world.
  • Rob Conery on Subsonic - This is an excellent .NET Rocks! podcast featuring the creator of an awesome tool called SubSonic that brings many concepts from Rails into ASP.NET.
  • Meetuplex - Biting satire of Google from the people at I love Google, but this is just too funny. "At Google, you get your free Google-approved haircut at the Googleplex by a Googler with an IQ in the 99% percentile of all haircutters."