Brain Food 6-3-2007

My brain has been on a Ruby/ORM/Editors track lately.

  • RubyConf*MI - Who knew there was a Ruby conference in my very own backyard? It's not clear from the website if they're putting one on in 2007. I checked out the schedule from 2006, and it looked pretty worthwhile.
  • SubSonic - The SubSonic team just launched a new project site. It's certainly a lot nicer than their old CodePlex lair. I'm actually trying to use SubSonic on an app at work now, and I have to echo the sentiment that their docs do suck. (SubSonic is still awesome, though.)
  • Does Visual Studio Rot the Mind? - This is a talk by Windows programming guru Charles Petzold. I originally heard of this a while back, but just got around to reading it yesterday. I hesitated to read it for a while because I figured it was just some guy bashing Microsoft, but after reading it I can say that it's totally different from what I expected. This guy has been around the Microsoft dev world from day one, and he's full of insight. If you're a .NET developer like myself, this talk will seriously alter the way you view Visual Studio.