Brain Food 6-24-2007

Another hodgepodge of links today.

  • C#: Uninitialized instance variables - I remember hearing early on in my experience with C# that variables were automatically initialized.  For some reason this issue popped into my head again recently, and I just had to look it up.  It turns out the issue is a bit more complicated.
  • wordUnit: A Document Testing Framework - Document-Driven Documentation is the wave of the future!
  • The Things That Pass For Simple I Can't Understand - I've always subscribed to the KISS principle, but determining the simplest thing to do is often very complicated.
  • SubSonic: Some Clarifications - Rob Conery has assured the community that SubSonic is not going away...ever.  All I can say is: Thank god!
  • Asshole-Driven Development - A great listing of some hilarious (and sadly accurate) software engineering methodologies.  The ones that were most recognizable to me were the Get Me Promoted Methodology (GMPM), Shovel-Driven Development (SDD), and No Customer Left Behind Development (NCLBD).  Make sure to read the comments.
  • Creating My Own Personal Hell - A great post about the pitfalls of being the sole developer at a company.  After finding myself in this position in my first job out of college (although it was definitely not as bad as the one portrayed in this post), I vowed that I would never take another job at a company without an established team of developers.