ASP.NET DropDownList for the 50 States

If you need a DropDownList that contains all 50 states and DC (and who hasn't needed this at one time or another?), feel free to copy these and paste them into your project.

There are two flavors here.  Credit for the first one goes to this fellow.

Flavor #1

Flavor #2



Anonymous said...

Thanks, I owe you 20 minutes of my life.

What If You Tried said...

Yea, you kick ass! Thanks.

Unknown said...

You saved me from ripping my hair out.
Thank you and may your life be filled with snippets.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for saving me from having to type for 30 minutes and then spend 60 minutes fixing missed states and typos.

Anonymous said...

Thanks God bless you :)
you saved hell lot of time

Anonymous said...

You saved me a lot of typing, thanks.