Visual Studio Tip: Navigate Backward/Forward

One small but handy feature in Visual Studio that took me a while to notice is the "Navigate" feature.

Have you ever right-clicked on a method call, selected "Go To Definition" (another feature I hope people know about), and then struggled to find your way back to the file and line you just came from?

Have you ever been messing around with some method, decided to take a quick look at some property or field declared near the top of the code file, and then couldn't remember the exact name of the method you were just looking at or where exactly it was buried in your file?

Next time this happens, look for the little "Back button" pictured below, and click it!  You'll be magically transported back to your last cursor position.  And I'm sure you can imagine what the little "Forward button" sitting next to it does as well.

Navigate button

Never "lose your place" again!

(Maybe next time I'll write about the "Bookmark" feature, this feature's more robust and long-term cousin.)