I Can't, in Good Conscience, Ignore TDD for Much Longer

"Over the last twenty years I’ve seen the rise of Structured Programming and Object-Oriented Programming and Message Passing and the Relational Model and those are all good things, but TDD is the single biggest advance in my lifetime. It might (finally) turn software from an amateur’s kitchen to an engineering discipline.


If you already know about...TDD and you’re not using it, you should be waking up in the night in a cold sweat, because you’re being less than professional.


If you’re a Software Development Manager, ask your engineers if they’re using TDD, and if they’re not, make them start.

And if you’re a CIO, ask your development people if they’re using TDD internally, and if they’re not, go order some copies of Kent Beck’s Test Driven Development: By Example and hand them out and tell them to get with the program. Anything less would be unprofessional."

- Tim Bray, 2004