Ruby on Rails Shops in Grand Rapids, MI

Updated 1/24/2008

In the spirit of some posts I've done in the past, I've made a list here of all the companies I could find in Grand Rapids using Ruby on Rails.

As you can see, it's slim pickings. Let me know if I've forgotten anyone!


Anonymous said...

Why ruby on rails?

Matt Blodgett said...

I'm not sure what you're asking. Do you want to know why I'm interested in Ruby on Rails?

Anonymous said...

Crayon Interface is not a RoR development house, their work was completed by a guys from the image group.
The Image Group is a RoR development house (kind of)

Matt Blodgett said...


Thanks for the info.

The list is really meant to keep track of all companies in West Michigan that use RoR in some capacity. So if Crayon Interface has RoR code that one of their internal guys (or gals) is maintaining, then that's good enough to make the list.

I'll keep Crayon Interface on the list, and I'll also add The Image Group.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Why are you interested in Ruby on Rails? What is the benefit of using it over others?

Matt Blodgett said...


Read this article.