Shrinkwrap Software Companies in Grand Rapids, MI

Updated 3/16/2008

I wanted to put together a list of every company producing shrinkwrap software in Grand Rapids that I could find. I'm using Joel Spolsky's definition of "shrinkwrap," and by "Grand Rapids" I really mean West Michigan.

I'll be adding companies to this list as I become aware of them.

I'm really hoping that people will stumble upon this list and leave comments to let me know of any companies I may have overlooked or mislabeled as shrinkwrap. I'll update the list based on these comments as well.

Here's what I have so far, in no particular order:


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

I am a part owner of a small company in GR - Tourney Logic - and we sell what I'm pretty sure qualifies as shrink wrapped software. It's called the Tourney Bracket Control (

Matt Blodgett said...

Thanks for the comment, Joel. I've added Tourney Logic to the list.

I checked out your ASP.NET control, and it seems really cool.

This must be an awfully busy (and lucrative) month for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Yeah - this is our busy month, but also the most fun.

Lucrative? Well, maybe someday! :-)

Thanks for the comments on the bracket control. It's a niche control for sure, but it definitely allows us to build some of our other apps a lot easier.

MattsOnlyAttack said...

appCompass by

Matt Blodgett said...


Thanks for the link, but I've decided to leave Kalamazoo companies off the list.

I probably should have titled this post "Shrinkwrap Software Companies Close Enough to My House That I Might Realistically Work for Them Someday."