Use Firefox to Debug ASP.NET Apps

Did you know that you can configure Visual Studio to use Firefox when debugging your ASP.NET apps? Here's how it's done.

- Under the Solution Explorer, right-click on any ASPX file and select "Browse With..."

- Click "Add..."

- Click "..."

- Find "firefox.exe" and click "Open"

- Click "OK"

- Make sure Firefox is selected under "Browsers" and click "Set as Default". Close the dialog.

Done! Now when you debug your ASP.NET apps, they'll launch in Firefox rather than Internet Explorer.


congthanh_bkit said...

Thanks very much. It's so helpful for me. BTW, have you ever met this case: when use ASP.NET Configuration (Website -> ASP.NET Configuration), the error message is appeared:
"An error was encountered. Please return to the previous page and try again.". I've been looking for this problem on Internet but there's no result which makes me satisfy. Can you help me solve this problem? Thanks again.

Matt Blodgett said...

No, I haven't run into that problem. I always edit my config files manually anyway.

I really can't offer any advice other than "google it". Sorry! :-)

Anonymous said...

By Accident

1. Open Solution in VS 2008
2. Mark Debug Point (C#/VB.NET)
3. Run website - by default page open in IE
4. Copy the page URL
5. Open FireFox
6. Paste URL
7. You debug page in FF
(My page has updatePanel control)

Englestone said...

For quick debugging try this..

Add Debugger.Break() into your code at an appropriate place.

Browse to the page in firefox (via localhost) if on local dev machine? and the Visual Studio Just in Time debugger should pop up.. select the currently open instance of Visual Studio and you can step into the code where every you want without having to start from the beginning or jumping to cursor.

-- Lee

Anonymous said...

Thanks.... This helped me solve why my web project was starting into notepad (which was throwing an error.) I don't know how or why this got set as the default browser - but this post help ed me solve it. Thanks

Visual Studio 2008 Web Asp .net launch not into internet explorer third party application starting for debug

Unknown said...

Thank you very much...It help me a lot.

Anonymous said...

Simple and Helpful.